When you think about art, the concept is subjective. Our experience, exposure, and interests compile into a picture that is of course, personal. For Simon Ghahary, art is not constrained to conventional mediums, Instead, as a multidiscipline, he creates dynamic forms out of what he has uniquely digested from the world around him, these include the intricacies of sound to the wonder-filled shapes and colors of nature.

Born in Brighton, England, Ghahary’s roots along with his travels around the world have informed his innovative work. Since his youth, he has collected experiences from all over, including those from his time in London, Europe, Dubai, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, and now where he resides in Southern California. His creativity was insatiable even in his adolescent years, inspired by eccentric, psychedelic music and otherworldly illustrations in comic books. At just 13, Ghahary found himself sketching numerous Grateful Dead cassette covers for a devout fan’s private collection, itself an immersion into the psychedelic culture of the 60’s. Like most artists who are looking to make a living, Ghahary took to design as his primary form of work. Though he was producing for major brands, he stayed entirely true to his values as a multidisciplinary artist. His work, though beautiful, was intended to seamlessly marry excellent design and function for the user.

As his work has evolved with the times, Ghahary has continued to straddle the line of past inspiration and the technologies of the future. Influenced by the electronic music scene “acid house,” and the revolutionary, artistic movements of the 60s and 70s, he stays true to the unconventional. Aside from his love of music, Ghahary discovered a deep passion for all things Science Fiction and the esoteric. He drew inspiration from the innate human desire to create meaning out of nothing and the ever-present hero narrative in cultural stories. With this, Ghahary would go on to leverage a fascination of myth and integrate this into his work. He wished to convey the resilience of the human condition while exploring the power of sound and technology in a futuristic age. This is what leads him to delve deeper into the world of intricate sounds and the forms in which they lived.

Welcome to the work of Simon Ghahary.