Audio Design

My Audio Designs deliver sound as a living shape – and inspire a connection to the music. The cabinet shape is designed to provide superior sound quality over conventional designs. The curved contours create rigidity, while flush mounting driver components keep the frequency response smooth all the while the rounded baffle reduces diffraction to ensure that there is no interference to the sound waves as they leave the speaker – this limits the reflections and eliminates standing wave resulting in improved performance and imaging. Most designs are active (internally powered), with connectivity incorporating Wireless Technology making them useful companions for music streaming culture.

SIFI - Orb 1

The mission of SIFI was to work with the local UK art and craft industry not traditionally involved in the manufacture of audio products and create a range of designs that would again challenge the convention of loudspeaker genre, through the use of ceramic cabinets and sustainable production.

At the time, ceramic had been the Holy Grail for cabinet acoustics and production. This highly dynamic material is renewable, kinder to the environment than plastic and offers stunning results due to the hand-built nature of production. Ceramic is art with skilled families passing their trade generation to generation. Manufacture takes place from pattern to plaster molds, which in turn are a tiny investment compared to plastic injection tooling.

Orb 1

Orbital sound System

2004 - Piano black & silver / Ceramic


BigPod Mk III


2015 - matt black / ABS plastic


Sound Shower

The Sound Shower sculptures are designed to be ceiling hung, ideally placed above the walkways or flat conveyor belts that connect airport terminals, ensuring a captive audience walking to a flight or arriving from one. The Sound Shower communicates a language of soothing sounds that are triggered in harmony, calming or welcoming the participant as they approach each location of a piece.

The shape of each piece symbolizes the status of the traveler, like a raindrop that has left a cloud before it has hit the ground, caught in the space between destinations.


Sound Shower Pod


Orb C

Orbital sound System

2005 - titan white & silver / Ceramic

Bass Ball

Orbital sound System

2004 - titan white & silver / MDF & Aluminum


The Pod Loudspeaker range became an antidote to the convention of square, box type enclosures. It was functional art that expressed a new way of listening – with your eyes as well as your ears for a generation of people as passionate about personal identity as they were about music.



The Blue Room MiniPod range redefined traditional speaker aesthetics while creating objects and experiences that inspired an emotional connection. It was hi-fidelity intended for a generation of people who are as passionate about style as they are about music. We created memorable experiences throughout the user journey; from first seeing one - to owning one.

Packaging is an important part of the user experience, so we decided to make that part of the product as well. It wasn’t just about delivering an amusing sustainability solution; it had to be something you’d want to use.

The wall bracket followed the shape of the MiniPod, by rounding off the form at the bottom, like the TechnoPod, while the Sputnik spikes offered options for floor-standing.

Simon Ghahary website imagery.jpg

MiniPod Mk II with Kevlar

Blue room loudspeakers

1997 - Silver / ABS plastic


MiniPod Mk I with Kevlar

Blue room loudspeakers

1995 - white / COMPOSITE

Simon Ghahary website imagery2.jpg

MiniPod Mk II with Pod bracket

Blue room loudspeakers

1999 - midnight blue / ABS plastic

Simon Ghahary Website 14OCT1816.jpg

MiniPod Mk II Lucente Special Edition

Blue room loudspeakers

1998 - clear transparent & bLUE transparent / ABS plastic

Simon Ghahary Website 11OCT1810.jpg

MiniPod Mk IV Bluetooth


2017 - matt black / ABS plastic


MiniPod Mk IV Bluetooth & Sputniks


2016 - matt black / ABS plastic & black ANODIZED aluminum





Blue Room Loudspeakers

2002 - silver / ABS plastic


Bass Station

My inspiration came from the ancient shape of a percussionist’s drum. The bass-driver sits horizontally on top and vibrates like a drum skin. The cylindrical body of the subwoofer cabinet has the bass-port horn sat underneath. The form sits nicely in the corner of a room, enhancing its performance.

Simon Ghahary Website Images19.jpg

Blue Room Loudspeakers

2001 - silver / ABS plastic

Simon Ghahary Website Images22.jpg


2007 -pearl white & matt black / ABS plastic & aluminum





Bluetooth Mk IV with Sputniks


2017 - matt white / ABS plastic & Aluminum

Hero Images 14MAY17 2500x250042.jpg

MicroPod Mk SE II & Bracket


2004 - gloss black / ABS plastic


MicroPod Mk III


2016 - matt black / ABS plastic


MicroPod Mk. I


2003 - gloss white / ABS plastic


MicroPod Mk. II SE


2004 - gloss white / ABS plastic



The first Blue Room commercial order for Pods was for a nightclub in Brighton. We had just finished the first prototypes of the HousePod speaker, which was the very first pair of Pods, simple two-way loudspeaker design. The size of the venue required a more robust solution. Constraints on time meant that we needed a remedy to the slow procedure of pattern and mold creation. My idea was to extend the bottom half of the original Pod pattern and replace the bass port part of the shape with a second driver. As it would be high up on brackets I was able to design the bottom round and hold the second driver at the same time; It allowed the Pod form to ‘evolve’ more naturally into its new application, elongating the spine to grow from the original design. The shape of the TechnoPod was born.

Simon Ghahary Website Images8.jpg

TechnoPod Mk 2

Blue Room Loudspeakers

1994 - black / COMPOSITE

Simon Ghahary Website Images12.jpg

TechnoPod U-Bracket

Blue Room Loudspeakers

1993 - black / COMPOSITE


Conceived as a visual representation of the sound they created, the original sketches of the HousePod suggested sentience - through evolution a form created for sound waves - mimicking nature with its shell-like enclosure. The undulating curves of the HousePod had significant acoustic advantages over orthodox rectangular speaker boxes. The varying dimensions and curves of the Pod mean the internal standing waves and reflections are dispersed, whilst on the outside the curves around the drivers avoid any baffle-edge discontinuity, which on a box could distort the sound. This allows sound waves to move freely, unfettered by the flat surfaces of square speakers.

Simon Ghahary Website Images7.jpg

HousePod Mk.I with Sputnik Spikes

Blue Room Loudspeakers

1993 - white / COMPOSITE with ANODIZED aluminum Sputnik Spikes

Simon Ghahary Website 1 14OCT18.jpg

HousePod Mk.II

Blue Room Loudspeakers

1995 - silver / COMPOSITE

Simon Ghahary Website Images5.jpg

HousePod Unique Edition I

1995 - Leather tailored by & Erisbian Gard/ Composite

COLLABORATION with Erisbian Gard

Simon Ghahary Website 14OCT189.jpg

HousePod Unique Edition III

2005 - Experimental waveguide and acoustic update

Simon Ghahary Website 14OCT1828.jpg

HousePod Unique Edition II